BMX Start Ramp Kits

  • Provide traction for riders on start ramps

  • Can be customised for your needs whether form or function

  • Available in various sizes

BMX Start Ramp Kits

SKU: BMXStartRampKits

Heskins produces anti slip covers for BMX SuperCross start ramps. The Safety-Grip™ is perfect to provide acceleration traction for riders as they attain speed and most importantly necessary grip for wet conditions. To make it easier for ramp specifiers we are now producing specific kits. We offer a set, available off the shelf of numbered anti slip BMX start ramp. The anti slip BMX start ramp sheets are pre-printed with the gate number, and are applied by simply sticking down in front of the required gate. The BMX start gate kits can be altered to have sponsor logos or event details easily seen. Standard designs are available for dispatch within 10 days of order placement.

Heskins have a proven track record providing our material for top level competition, as proven in the London 2012 Olympics and Baku 2015, with our Safety Grip™ surviving and performing perfectly throughout the entire stages of the competitions. For the ramp decals we print on to our Safety-Grip™ in sizes of upto 10mx10m, we print high definition and all colours are accommodated. Heskins is happy to take any artwork format and we have frequently redrawn or rescaled. We realise how important it is that sponsor logos, fonts and colours remain true, by following all Pantone, font and shade details. All decals are pre-trim