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Coarse Safety Grip Tape H3402

  • Coarser surface to prevent clogging by dust and mud
  • Suitable for construction and more heavy duty sites
  • Available in widths from 19mm to 1168mm

Coarse Safety Grip Tape

SKU: H3402

Coarse anti slip tape has, like the name suggests, a coarser grit on it's surface than that of standard.

The grit is still the same substance, aluminium oxide; the grit granules are larger with deeper valleys and higher peaks. A deep anti slip coating helps to prevent clogging with dirt, dust, ice etc. A deeper grit provides great durability.


Any width from 19mm upto 1168mm is possible. Widths of between 10mm and 18mm are available on special request. Sizes available off the shelf are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm in width, as well as full width logs. All stock sizes have a length of 18.3m.


Due to the abrasive levels that coarse safety grip possesses, it is more suitable for areas exposed to constant coverage of dirt or water. Industrial or construction sites do suffer from exposure to dirt, amongst other things. The deep recesses on the surface of coarse grip tape prevent it becoming clogged within reason, allowing it to provide adequate slip protection in demanding environments.

Custom Coarse Grip Tape

We can offer a host of custom anti slip solutions when it comes to H3402 coarse grip tape. Dependent on order quantity, Heskins produce coarse anti slip tape in any size, shape or colour ( matching RAL and Pantone references. ).

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