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Marine Anti Slip Tape H3460

  • For marine based applications

  • Kind to bare skin and clothing

  • Salt resistant material

Marine Anti Slip Tape

SKU: H3460

H3460 marine anti slip tape is one of Heskins first marine specific products, tailor made to be used on the open seas on anything from pleasure crafts, to competitive boats and commercial vessels.

Marine anti slip tape is the first product to be 100% guaranteed salt resistant. We felt it necessary to have this feature due to the long amounts of time this will be applied on a vessel out in the open sea, as while we and others have previously used Safety Grip™ and our non abrasives, with the exception of our chemical resistant Safety Grip™, we could not guarantee full salt resistance. With a salt resistant marine anti slip tape, we can safely guarantee that, subject to correct application on to a clean, dry surface, the service life will be exceptional. For additional guarantees, our ancillaries will only help prolong the life span of the material.

While H3460 marine anti slip tapes construction is that of granules applied to a surface, unlike our abrasive products which have aluminium oxide applied on top, the grit on this is S2, more like a small glass bead than a sharp edged granule, to ensure comfort when walking on it with bare feet, but will provide efficient slip resistance when used in stressed environments. This makes it suitable for use on pleasure crafts for slip protection and comfort, but will excel in more demanding applications, such as competitive boat or yacht racing, or commercial ships.

Available in rolls or die cuts. If you require specific colours or shapes, then dependent on order quantity, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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