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Seam Roller

  • Helps to remove airbubbles after application

  • Allows even pressure to be applied

Seam Roller

SKU: SeamRoller

Heskins seam rollers are available to help increase the durability of your anti slip tape or floor marking tape application. By using the seam roller once you have applied your anti slip or floor marking tape, by applying pressure to the surface with the seam roller, this increases the bond between the adhesive and floor surface. This results in a quickly cured surface with a durable application.

The seam roller is made from a semi-ridged foam, that will allow pressure to be applied without damaging the surface. The handle is made from plastic, coated in rubber to enhance grip and comfort.

The rollers weight is 136 grams.

You can view it's use by watching viewing the video by selecting it from the drop down box.

To enquire further, or to place an order, please contact us by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form.

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