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Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Various surfaces available

  • High quality, built for performance

  • Available in sheets or rolls

Skateboard Grip Tape

SKU: SkateboardGripTape

Skateboard grip tape is a wide sector; each person has their own individual opinion so they all want something different. Most of the skateboard grip tape that our factory produces is effectively our black standard grade, this is the most inexpensive material, but, it is vastly superior to most grip tapes that can be seen. Our standard safety-grip is not constructed to a budget; thick, big grit levels with a high quality permanent adhesive. Due to the different requirements we offer the following varieties of grip tape for skateboards;

Conventional Skateboard griptape

Conventional mineral, this is our most popular type. For the perfect application please watch our dedicated video.


Many consumers prefer to have an aerated material.­ With the use of a rotary tool we insert small micro-pores into the product that pushes through and just presses onto the backing liner.­ As the consumer presses down the product any potential air bubbles are automatically displaced by the small pores allowing the gas to escape.­ Aerated is the simplest way to create a completely smooth surface if someone does not have much application experience.

Longboard Grip Tape

Longboards is a special area; the longboard rider has completely different needs to a normal skateboarder. A longboarder will spend a far longer duration on the board, the feet will make many small adjustments over this period; all of this results in a huge amount of friction generated. The friction creates considerable heat; the heat is so high that it melts conventional plastics. Heskins has produced the solution. Our longboard grip tape is the solution, we have changed the construction; it is completely heat resistant, we use a deep grip coating, equivalent to our X-Coarse to provide a deep abrasive to prevent sliding.

Silicon Carbide

On request we can produce skateboard Grip Tapes using silicon carbide; although the difference of hardness on the MoH scale between our conventional minerals and silicon carbide is minimal we can offer this on request, dependent on minimum order quantities.

Printing & branding

To complete the branding process and creating a unique identity we can print both backing liners and provide a top print (top print can be full colour, backing liner is generally monotone). Please enquire for minimal order quantities which can be large.

Most skateboard griptape manufactured by Heskins is produced in cut pieces (9”x33” – 229mmx838mm) or rolls (any width can be manufactured but generally the most popular is 9”-229mm). We cut them in this size, as usually the average skateboard size is 8 inches in width and 31 inches in length.

Our other application videos can be viewed by visiting videos page.

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