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Audio signs are unique sign boards for displaying visual sign information accompanied by pre-recorded audible sound messages. Audio signs have many applications including health and safety warnings including covid-19 restrictions, visitor information and directional help.


Audio signs are generally wall mounted, but can be used free-standing on a stable surface or fixed to a ceiling if required. They can be installed with basic hand tools. A cable/pipe finder, a cordless drill with bits and a screwdriver to match your choice of wall-fixings are all that should be necessary.


An outdoor weatherproof version is also available.



Mandatory instructions, hazard warnings, prohibition notices and information signs are vital tools in the Safety, Health and Environmental industries. 


1 Sign fixing area

2 Mounting hole (x4)

3 Rubber cover (over power/volume switch)

4 PIR sensor

5 Micro-USB power inlet

6 Mode change button

7 File change button

8 Speaker grille



Sign dimensions:

387mm high 

253mm wide

33mm deep

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