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Signs and Visual Graphics for Safety and Regulatory Compliance,  Themes and Messaging

Are you protecting both your buildings and the people in them? SignsInc can help you use signs and graphics to create a safe, compliant and more usable facility for customers, visitors and employees.

Make it easy to identify entrances and exits, accessibility features, restrooms, non-smoking areas, and emergency evacuation routes with braille, bilingual and universal signage.  Mark hazardous and restricted areas with wall signs, floor graphics and barrier markers.

Protect your customers, visitors, employees and your business by using signs and graphics to help create a safe and compliant facility.  Following Chapter 1 of Part 7: Safety Signs at Places of Work in the General Application Regulations of 2007 in Ireland, SignsInc will help you manage your Signage compliance obligations. We will ensure all graphical symbols meet the requirements of EN ISO 7010, guide  you through the Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals (Amendments to Secondary Legislation) Regulations 2015 if needed and ensure that all your signage meets the required standards.  

  • Accesibility Signs

  • Bilingual Signs

  • Braille Signage

  • Care Home Signs

  • Catering Signs

  • Construction Signs

  • Disability & Equality Signs

  • Digital Signs

  • Electrical Safety Signs

  • Energy Conservation / Recycling Signs

  • Fire Safety Signs

  • First Aid Signs

  • Food Safety Signs

  • Hazard Warning Signs

  • Hazardous Material Signs

  • Information Signs

  • Labels, Tags & Marking

  • Mandatory Signs

  • Prohibition Signs

  • Quarry Signs

  • Regulations & Safety Guides

  • School Signs

  • Security & CCTV Signs

  • Sign Fixings & Frames

  • Traffic & Car Park Signs

  • Water Safety signs

  • Wayfinding Signs

Signs Inc. | Signage Surveying, Design, Manufacturing, and Installations | Cork, Ireland
Signs Inc. | Signage Surveying, Design, Manufacturing, and Installations | Cork, Ireland

It’s all about communications

Signs and Visual Graphics to Enhance Communication, Theme and Message

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Every day, businesses have opportunities to extend their brand in many ways. SignsInc provides signs and banners to meet your visual communications needs. Signs and banners can be created in virtually any shape and size, using a variety of materials for indoor and outdoor use.

A pre-attentive visual property is one which is processed in spatial memory without our conscious action. In essence it takes less than 500 milliseconds for the eye and the brain to process a pre-attentive property of any image. Every design choice in the construction of a sign has an impact on visibility, conspicuity, and readability. And every restriction on how a sign is built and where it is located can diminish the visibility and its effectiveness. Let SignsInc help create a lasting impression, be it in your reception or canteen with stunning dimensional letters and colourful, printed floor mats or livening up your walls with giant wall murals and fine art prints. Wrap your interior tables, counters and lamp shades with tasteful graphics SignsInc supports the application of good design principles to maximise visibility and to create more effective messaging. 

Our Focus is :

  • Safety Signage

  • Pathway/Traffic Signage

  • Information Signage 

But we also supply the full range of sign and display related products :

  • Acrylic Panels and Standoffs

  • Backwalls/Wall Graphics

  • Banners

  • Barrier Systems

  • Boards

  • Lightboxes

  • Pop Up Stands/Display Stands

  • Poster Displays

  • Directories & wayfinding

  • Monoliths

  • Poster Displays

  • Directories & wayfinding

  • Monoliths

  • Totems

Signs Inc. | Signage Surveying, Design, Manufacturing, and Installations | Cork, Ireland

Materials we work in:

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