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Labels for Hazardous Substances

Labelling of products in the chemical industry is regulated by strict laws. The GHS classification and the CLP Regulation set forth uniform international rules for labelling chemicals, including information on components, potential hazards and classification.


Chemical labels must stick firmly to containers of all kinds: barrels, drums, canisters, shipping containers, IBCs, FIBCs, bottles and pallets. The surfaces, which can be metal, plastic, glass or wood, have many different requirements. Depending on the application, they can include resistance to chemicals (acids, alkalis, solvents), saltwater, dirt, grease and oil. Environmental factors such as heat, moisture, cold and UV radiation must also be taken into account.

We will work with you to develop the labels you need for identification of your chemical products – from the selection of materials all the way to printing: rugged, but flexible films of various types; adhesives suitable for a wide range of temperatures, applications and surfaces; lightfast inks (6-7 on the blue wool scale); cutting and printing as needed.


Ready-printed labels

We produce labels for dangerous goods in the prescribed diamond format with conspicuous colours.

  • Secure adhesion to metal containers and barrels made of plastic or steel

  • Special adhesives with high tack and excellent final adhesion

  • Resistant to liquids, grease, oil, alkalis, solvents and acids

  • Film materials made of PE, PP and PET: dirt-repellent, resistant to cold and heat, and saltwater-resistant

  • Suitable for flat or curved surfaces, depending on the type of film


Custom printed labels

The perfect basis for your chemical labels and labels for hazardous substances. Preprinted labels with GHS diamond frames in your label format are ideal for custom overprinting with your printer.

  • On a roll for thermal transfer printers

  • On a roll for inkjet printers with pigmented inks

  • On A4 or A3 sheets as well as in special formats, for black-and-white and colour laser printers

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