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150mmx610mm Hazard and Glow in the Dark Stripe H3412DUA

  • Cost-effective slip prevention, hi-viz and glow in the dark material

  • Will guide employees and guests in a lights out scenario

  • Great for ledges or step application to warn people night and day

150mmx610mm Hazard and Glow in the Dark Stripe


The hazard stripe warns of potential dangers, while the glow in the dark strip helps during low light conditions. By orientating the dual purpose anti slip tile, you can achieve maximum efficiency and safety.

Applying these non slip floor tiles on ledges or steps helps to pronounce the existence of the ledge or step, helping people stay safe, even in low light conditions.

If you would like to enquire or order, please contact the sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

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