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Chemical Resistant Safety Grip H3447

  • Specifically produced to be our most chemical resistant material

  • Suitable for use in areas that have high chemical exposure

  • Available in 3 grades

Chemical Resistant Safety Grip

SKU: H3447

All of our anti slip tape materials have high levels of chemical resistance; the potential power of a chemical to damage the anti slip tape varies from solution to solution.­ Commonly found chemicals such as water, soap solutions or many others do not pose any harm, even occasional exposure to certain petroc­hemicals or harsher cleaning does not affect the material.­ In certain, and very rare, situations the anti slip tape could be completely submerged under a liquid that is extremely aggressive.­ Some of our customers use problematic solutions; these could include high concentration MEK, toluene, acids, alkalis etc.

For almost all applications our conventional Safety-Grip range performs brilliantly. In a small number of applications one of two situations can cause problems;

1. Chemical retention

In this situation mild chemicals such as basic cleaning agents mixed with water and are trapped on the surface on the anti slip tape with no way of escaping, the fluids form a reservoir and with no form of dissipation, over time, they can damage the resins that hold the minerals onto the plastic film.

2. Harsh Chemicals

Our safety-grip is not designed to resist harsh chemicals such as toluene, MEK etc. The chemicals are not commonly used but they can create problems for resins.

Chemical resistant anti slip tape has a modified upper bonding resin; this modification helps to prevent problems by resisting most chemical attacks.­ The resin used is designed to withstand long term exposure to high concentration chemicals.­ Itas exactly the same appearance as our normal Safety-Grip range, the grit looks the same, the adhesion is the same level, and it has the same levels of Coefficient of Friction (how grip levels are measured).­

Chemical resistant Safety Grip is available in 3 grades.

  • H3447 - Standard Grade

  • H3443 - Coarse Grade

  • H3446 - X-Coarse with HG adhesive.

  • All 3 are finished with the same resin coating, but just like our Safety Grip™, have different sized grit granules applied to the surface to cope with demands that different environments create.

    At present it is only produced in black but there is no reason why it cannot be made in other colours. All roll widths are available and die cut pieces are available on request.

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