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Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape H3415

  • Easy to clean

  • No grit to shed

  • Kind to skin and clothing

  • Waterproof

  • For more demanding areas

Coarse Resilient

Coarse resilient tape is perfect for areas that need a non slip surface, however it is perfect for barefoot traffic and areas exposed to water, such as gym washrooms, swimming pools and boats. Due to coarse resilient being waterproof and non abrasive, it will cater for both of these.

Coarse resilient anti slip tape is an embossed plastic film, which while being non abrasive still possesses high levels of CoF (coefficient of friction). Using the embossing technique on most of our non-abrasive materials, this creates an excellent surface texture which have high levels of CoF. Using a technique of micro blowing while the material is still molten can create deep troughs and valleys, which can increase levels of CoF. A deeper pattern allows for less clogging by contaminants such as dust, ice, water etc.

Coarse resilient tape is available in 3 different variants:


The base film for this is manipulated to give it a finish which is extremely similar to rubber, not only giving it great non slip properties, but the inherent softness also gives it holding properties. Whilst the peaks and valleys are not so sharp, the materials features make up for this to give it a fantastic CoF.


The base film on H3450 and H3451 have not been manipulated so much, but this ensures that sharper peaks and valleys can be produced during the embossing process, as firmer plastics retain a complex pattern much more easily. This allows for excellent CoF levels, that create fantastic slip prevention in water or in moist conditions.


This is our lean coarse resilient. You can read more about it by visiting the page here.

Colour & Size

We feel colour choice is almost as important as the functionality of the material itself and we continually strive to give you the option to make whatever choice you like for your products, rather than being restriced, at least for the long term.­ We produce coarse resilient up to 1346mm in roll width,­ with a wide range of bespoke options to allow you to get exactly what you require.

We also produce each coarse resilient in various colours available off the shelf for immediate dispatch.

Please discuss your requirements with us, as dependent on order quantity, we can manufacture coarse resilient in any colour, size and shape you like.

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