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Cushion Grip Tape H3408

  • High levels of cushioning

  • Relieves leg pressure on production lines

Cushion Grip Tape

SKU: H3408

Our H3408 Cushion Grip tape is an anti slip with a difference...

Cushion Grip tape is produced using PU. One of the many benefits of PU is that it provides high levels of cushioning; PU has a different construction from other plastics we utilise. When PU is produced it can be ‘foamed’, this then provides a deep cushioning effect that cannot be experienced with other plastics.

The cushioning allows for a very comfortable bare foot experience, ideal when users will not be wearing shoes or boots. PU does not contain any of the potentially harmful chemicals present in other more commonly used plastics thus it can be used in applications where a conventional material would not be feasible.

As a manufacturer of anti slip tapes the use of PU allows greater flexibility for Heskins, different embossing rollers are used, PU can be embossed in deeper quantities, and this creates a totally unique upper pattern.­ Instead of appearing like a wave or dimple effect, the non slip pattern instead appears in risers, thus adding to the cushioning and creating an aesthetically appealing appearance.

Cushion Grip tape possesses high levels of grip.­ Grip levels are measured as Coefficient of Friction (CoF).­ As a company we test to all international standards, there are various testing methods for CoF, as a company we prefer Pendulum as it is scientific and controlled by strict procedures concerning setup and method.­ The Pendulum result for Cushion Grip anti slip tape is an incredible 108 dry and 62 wet. The CoF ( coefficient of friction )­ figures are far in excess of what is required.­ As always, we can provide not only the data sheets showing the test results but also original testing reports with laboratory information on request.

We currently produce cushion grip tape in grey, available in rolls up to 1270mm in width, and in various die cuts. We can produce bespoke sizes and shapes, dependent on order quantity. Speak to us if you would like to discuss custom options further.

For more information, or to order, please contact the sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

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