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Edge Fix H3502

  • Reduces the risk of edge lift in high traffic areas

Edge fix

SKU: H3502

Heskins edge fix sealer greatly helps to prevent the lifting of the Safety-Grip™ antislip in high traffic areas. One simply applies the edge fix down the side of the tape using the narrow nozzle built into the tube, it helps to secure the product and extend its life.

A 140ml tube will cover approximately 35 linear metres, for larger quantities we can offer an automated pressure pot system. A pressure pot system is a method of applying the edge fix sealer with rapid production line speed, all it requires is a compressed air line to be in place, Heskins will then supply the pot chamber and the applicator, the pressure pot system enables huge material cost savings compared to 140ml tubes.

Only a very small amount is required for bonding the edges of our grip tape

You can view the usage of edge fix by viewing the video on the dropdown box above.

For more information, or to place an order, please get in touch by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

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