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Fire Exit Marker H3416

  • Highlights exit points in a building to ensure it is easy to spot and is kept clear

  • One whole piece. Applies instantly and easily

Fire Exit Marker

SKU: H3416F

Factories and warehouses can, at times, have fire exits blocked due to boxes, tools and many other items being left in front of them, which can cause major problems in times when the premises is at risk of fire.

Heskins anti slip fire exit markers have been developed and produced to offer a faster, more efficient way of creating a clear zone and prominent signage for your fire exits.

Compared to stencilling, masking and painting, with waits inbetween for drying times, Heskins alter­native, fire exit floor markings,­ is a one piece, adhesive appli­cation, that takes literally minutes to apply, and can be used imme­­di­­ately, complete with an industry standard anti slip surface.

All these factors make fire exit floor markings a far more time and cost effective solution to apply Heskins anti slip fire exit markers to your doors, and they are available in sizes of 1metre x 1metre, and 1metre x 1.5metres, ensuring that if your fire exits are double or single doors, you will have the correctly sized application for them.

Heskins H3416 fire exit signs come pre-printed with ‘FIRE EXIT’ and ‘KEEP CLEAR’ printed, complete with yellow/­black chevrons, coated with aluminium oxide grit and a permanent, strong-bonding adhesive coating.

We can, dependent on quantity, create bespoke print or sizes of fire exit floor markings to meet your needs.

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