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Handrail Grip Tape H3418

  • Prevents cold temperatures of handrails transferring to user

  • Increases grip

Handrail Grip Tape

SKU: H3418

Handrail grip is becoming an essential component of a modern workplace or public environment, so much so that the UK Building Regulations Act 2000 (part M1 & M2) stipulated that handrails need to be 'slip resistant and not cold to the touch'. Heskins has proactively taken this challenge on board and created handrail grips that are unique and possess the solutions to these demanding requirements.

Heskins is known throughout the world as the leading anti slip experts, our specialist knowledge has been built over decades of experience and research, first, we focused on the anti slip aspect. A simple solution would have been to use our safety-grip range, this would have created a solution but an abrasive material would have had negative implications for users not wearing gloves.

Heskins decided that an innovative solution would be a completely new design, something never seen before in anti slip materials; a symmetrically embossed non-slip surface.

Our H3418 handrail grip tape was born, the symmetrical pattern of H3418 was chosen as it is aesthetically appealing whilst possessing the high levels of coefficient of friction (CoF) required.­ The dimpled patterned surface offers something different; for an industrial application it allows certainty that all existing and envisaged requirements for non-slip capabilities will be met, all Heskins products come with independent laboratory CoF figures.­ For a manager of a public environment we wanted a handrail grip that would not be harsh to bare hands and would also offer an attractive appearance that would detract from the setting, the symmetrical pattern of H3418 handrail griptape easily achieves this.

To ensure that we achieved the insulating effect of preventing it being cold to touch we chose a plastic film upper. The plastic film works as a fantastic insulator preventing chill from penetrating to the hand of the user, for good measure we also added an under-surface laminated layer of PET.

As the H3418 handrail grip tape is non-abrasive it can be easily cleaned using all available cleaning methods. It has the feel of a rubber product yet being plastic has superior dimensional stability.

Handrail grip tape can be instantly applied on external handrails as well as internal, this is due to the materials inability to retain water, preventing the surface freezing and causing discomfort for the user. Before application, ensure the surface you are applying the handrail tape to is clean, dry and free from any contaminants.

As can be seen no other product available has all the advantages that H3418 does for use as a handrail grip surface, we did not simply look to modify one of our existing products we developed something new and interesting.

H3418 handrail grip tape is wrapped around a handrail in either an angled format or can be cut to width by Heskins allowing a custom made wrap for the circum­fer­ence.

For those wanting a thinner surface many customers choose our resilient in either subtle black or vivid yellow.

To order or enquire further, please contact the sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

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