The High Capacity Wall Mount can be used with the following clip options...

Clamp Mount, Glass Mount, Industrial Magnetic Mount, Magnetic Mount, Removable Mount, Standard Mount, Zinc Clip

Tensabarrier® Wall Units are perfect for situations where you want a flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space. The High Capacity Wall Mount Units are ideal for an environment with a large space to close off.Great value stylish metal wall mounted barrier unit. As part of the Tensabarrier® product line, the world's original retractable webbing barrier system, our wall units use the same patented, safe retracting mechanism as the floor standing Tensabarrier® posts. This wall unit comes with 898 wall receiver as standard.


SKU: 899-24/30

The Tensabarrier® Hight Capacity Wall Unit can contain 24' or 30' of belt.