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High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape H3452 & H3454

  • Available in super (H3454) and premium (H3452)

  • Non-abrasive anti slip surface

  • Exceptionally long afterglow performance

  • 15mm to 1220mm widths available

High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

Our first non abrasive glow in the dark anti slip tape has benefitted from new technology that allows us to prolong the luminance of our material, meaning it will stay brighter in a lights out situation, for longer. High quality glow in the dark anti slip tape is the first in new, unique innovations in our photolu­min­escent products.

High quality glow in the dark anti slip tape is suitable for many applications, particularly for internal areas such as stairways and walkways which are used as specific exit routes, where in a lights out situation, the exit is clearly indicated, even from rooms higher up in a building.

A non abrasive anti slip surface applied on top of glow in the dark material also allows the product to be applied in areas exposed to bare feet or water, increasing the application options, and increasing the choice for the user. By employing the features of our coarse resilient anti slip tape, areas which require strict hygiene standards can also be included, as like our non abrasive anti slip tape range, high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape can also be cleaned as easily, as the lack of peaks and valleys prevent bacteria harboring, and will not damage cleaning equipment.

Test are conducted using a TRL ( Transport Road Laboratories ) slider, and more information on Coefficient of Friction can be found here.

Heskins offer two options of high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape, H3452 premium, and H3454 super. These offer different levels of luminance, allowing you to choose a cost effective products with differing glow times to suit your needs. Both of which possess high levels of luminance which actually exceed the regulatory requirements. OSH1910 is a regulation, relying on technical information from ASTM 2072, which is the important regulation that is required to be met. ASTM 2072 stipulates that levels of luminance are required to be 30mcd/m2 ( millicandela per square meter ) and 4.4 mcd/m2 for 60 minutes. Our tech specs tab show results for for both H3452 and H3454.

Both materials far exceeds the required regulation, ensuring both variants perf