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Keying Agent H3510

  • Increases adhesion on low energy surfaces

Keying Agent

SKU: H3510

Heskins H3510 keying agent is an advance in adhesive technology, in the battle against low energy surfaces. All self-adhesive bases are liquid based and as such they need to 'wet out', which means they need friction to bond with a surface. The less friction, or energy, the less efficient the bond will be. H3510 keying agent, applied in small amounts, will increase the amount of energy in a surface and help create that efficient and durable bond. H3510 is only required for a very small amount of surfaces, normally these are PUR, some PPs etc, these surfaces typically exhibit low surface energy levels. For further clarification as to when H3510 may help please speak with our technical sales team.

H3510 is available in small 118ml bottles as only a very small amount is required per application.

Please contact us via phone, Live Chat or the contact us form to order or to make an enquiry.

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