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Non Slip Fabric

  • Cushioned, anti-slip material

  • Easy to cut to size

  • Various colours available

Non Slip Fabric

Heskins non-slip fabric is a versatile and very effective anti slip mesh product. We produce many different types, thicknesses and colours, adhesive and non-adhesive formats are available.

Non slip fabrics are created by applying an anti slip foam onto a polyester mesh, the now anti slip mesh gives the product excellent strength with the foam providing reassuringly effective non slip protection. All the non-adhesive materials are waterproof and perform just as effectively in wet environments. Whilst durable, the non slip fabric is easily cut to shape using scissors or knives.

The foam has tiny air bubbles inside the structure, when pressure is applied (be it from an object, from a standing person etc) the foam compresses this then allows the material to partially envelope the object thus creating superb levels of grip. As Heskins produces many different formats we can offer different levels of foam resistance, this will affect the amount of pressure that it will absorb and work effectively under. The entire range are free from any abrasive minerals, this prevents damage to valuable or easily harmed objects.

The non slip fabric range is extremely cost effective, we can offer superb prices on the entire range, typically far lower than you would expect.

Most of our anti slip fabric range is supplied in large, master length rolls, we can die cut to any shape via either flat bed or rotary processes.

Our different types are :


This is a non-adhesive non-slip fabric. Our stock colour is white but dependent on quantities we can produce to any shade.


A self-adhesive version of H4643, stock colour is white but dependent on quantity we can produce others.


Non-adhesive and the thickest (3.7mm thick) non slip fabric we produce. Available in widths from 15mm up to 1.45 metres.

Tenura fabric:

A thick non-adhesive non-slip fabric. Stock colours are white, black, beige, red and blue. Rolls of upto 1.5m in width and 25m in length in black and white, and 30m in length in beige are possible. We also offer ready to sell retail packs ( black, white and beige only ), they are 508mmx1.83m and come complete with a barcode and description wrap around. Red and blue are a new addition to the range, proving very popular in the marine industry due to the bright, vibrant colour. Anti slip fabric is great for this application, as it prevents objects from moving or falling off surfaces while the vessel is in motion.

For more information regarding non slip fabric, or to place an order, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form.

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