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  • Self-adhesive

  • Quickly make small runs of signs with a standard printer

  • Cost effective

  • Quick and easy to apply to various surfaces


SKU: H6904

PermaCover allows you to apply custom, cost-effective signs quickly and easily within your workplace. For a workplace where work areas change often, this can be a very shrewd way of providing clear signage without mass initial outlays and reduced waste.

PermaCovers are clear, homogenous pieces of plastic film with a self-adhesive backing around the edge. The sign or message is created by printing to A4 or A5 paper with a standard office printer, and then applied to the centre before the whole piece is applied to a clean, dry surface ready for use.

Producing PermaCover floor signs in this way makes them even more cost-effective as the buyer does not have to commit to MOQ’s, which prevents restrictions for people who want to create individual, custom signage for their workplace.

With rounded corners to reduce the risk of edge lift, PermaCover self-adhesive signs also feature a mild emboss on the surface to prevent the risk of slips in case of exposure to water or liquids.

PermaCover allows for any sign to be created for wall, door or floor with ease and is unique as it is extremely durable.

For more information, or to order PermaCover please get in touch with our sales team via live chat or phone. Alternatively fill out our contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For colour options please see our ColorCover range.

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