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PermaRoute H6903

  • Self adhesive aisle marking system

  • Tough, clear top laminate

  • Cut to any shape – stock and custom designs

  • Roll widths up to 1168mm


SKU: H6903

PermaRoute® is the world's only complete floor marking system. Over many years we have developed the range to encompass every section of floor marking for factories, warehouses, assembly areas and logistic bases.

With PermaRoute® you're not restricted to simple lines. It's a versatile floor marking system which allows you to develop a clear set of visual aids to ensure that your facility not only looks clean and efficient but also helps your process controls.

PermaRoute® can be created bespoke to suit your requirements, we produce lines, angles, joins, shapes and outlines in all industry standard colours. Our team are experts in specification and can provide advice that has been gathered from delaing with companies as varied as aerospace, automotive, logisitcs and defence to name a few.

Custom components can be created to your specification further expanding the possibilities making PermaRoute® asite wide floor marking solution.

What preparation is required?

Hardly any, the surface merely need to be clean, dry and free from grease. Porous surfaces may need priming prior to application, our team are always happy to help with knowledgable advice.

What advantage does it hold over paint and resin marking systems?

Major advantages! Unlike liquid systems, the self-adhesive, PermaRoute­® floor marking system is instantly applied and the area can be used immediately afterwards. If a colour coded area changes with new aisle marking required then PermaRoute® can be removed clean as it wont snap or fracture, and this is really important for food preparation or pharma­ce­utical areas, as no fumes or solvents are generated.

Is it durable?

Absolutely, this is a 700mu thickness, vastly different and more durable than anything else available.

I have a large site, is there a fast way of applying it?

Look at our applicator available for sale or hire, we completely redesigned it, making it easier to use, easier to transport and cheaper.

We want to be able to display corporate colours throughout our warehouse, as you are a manufacturer is this something you can create?

Very easily, and it is something we do on a weekly basis. We can match to any RAL, Pantone or NCS, please enquire for MOQs etc.

How can I see it?

We enjoy sending samples, we want you to see this unique product first hand. Please contact us via the PermaRoute sample request form on the website and we will immediately dispatch a sample pack.

For more information, please visit the PermaRoute website, or contact us by phone, live chat or by filling out the contact us form.

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