PermaStripe H6901

  • Self-adhesive floor marking tape

  • 1mm industrial PVC

  • Bevelled edges for super-smooth transit

  • Solid colour all the way through


SKU: H6901
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PermaStripe® is the world's most effective and durable aisle marking system.

It is the modern warehouse line marking alternative to resin and paint helping forward thinking companies achieve 5S floor marking status.

Why Choose Permastripe®?

  • Installation could not be easier; simply peel back the liner and stick down, Heskins have also developed their own applicator, this enables rapid installation of PermaStripe® aisle marking.

  • No Detailed preparation is required, unlike paints and resins, no fumes or solvents are emitted; the work area can be used whilst it is being applied, even in food preparation facilities.

  • No Curing time - you have the stripe you want instantly!

  • The plain colours are a solid homogeneous construction, if scratched it does not affect the colour.

  • Due to its extreme strength it will not snap if removed, enabling easy workplace 5S floor marking changes unlike paint or resin.

  • Available in 50mm, 75mm or 100mm roll widths, 30m rolls for long length application.

  • Available in a huge array of formats; rolls, shapes, numbers, letters, arrows and disks, we can even make PermaStripe aisle marking to your distinctive custom requirements.

PermaStripe® Die Cuts

A wide range of ready cut PermaStripe® shapes allow you to create junctions and designate special areas, all to the same high quality.

PermaStripe® Factory Markers

Factory markers are 430mm in diameter, made from a semi-rigid, self adhesive plastic film and available off the shelf in a range of prints and languages.

PermaStripe® Smooth

PermaStripe® smooth has been created after demand for a line marking material easier to clean and more attractive was made. Our sleek, smooth PermaStripe has all the same benefits as our flagship PermaStripe range but with one minior difference. It does not feature the embossed surface, meaning that there are no areas on it that can trap dirt and harbor bacteria.

PermaStripe Smooth is perfect for areas that carry heavily regulated hygiene standards. It still provides durable, 5S optimisation, with a smooth aesthetic surface that is easier to clean and would indeed compliment any area it is applied in.

PermaStripe® is available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm x 30m rolls.

PermaStripe® 2 year warranty

The Heskins warranty for PermaStripe® is conditionally warranted 2 years from purchase. Warranty claims are only limited to replacement of PermaStripe® The warranty does not cover items being dragged, pushed or scraped across such as pallets or transit skids.

View more on the Permastripe® website

How can I see it?

We enjoy sending samples, we want you to see PermaStripe first hand. Please request them via the PermaStripe sample request form on the website and we will immediately dispatch a sample pack.

You can get in touch with us immediately via phone or Live Chat.

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