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Surefoot Bloc™

Extra stability foot covers.

The patent pending SureFoot Bloc™ can be put over SureFoot™ feet of a Frontier™ Cross-Link™ and Titan™ barriers to add extra weight more effectively than alternative methods such as using sandbags. They can also be used as a weighted anchor for the Frontier™ using one of it's carry handles to accept the telescopic stabilty poles and join it to the barrier.

Features & Benefits

  • Stability

    - Heavy duty recycled PVC bloc - 6.5kg

  • Anti-slip

    - Underside anti-slip studs aid grip to ground surface, these also act as stacking features

  • Branding

    - Increase ownership and security by embossing your company name and logo on the Surefoot Bloc™. You can also colour the feet to suit your companies branding.

  • Carry handles

    - Incorporates two handles which double up to accept telesopcic stability poles

Surefoot Bloc - Extra Stability Foot cover

SKU: KEH000-001-100
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