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Thick Safety Grip H3404

  • Suitable for recess application

  • Thickness provides more cushioning on hard surfaces

  • Available in widths from 20mm to 1170mm

Thick Safety Grip

SKU: H3404

Our current crop of anti slip materials are strong enough to withstand industrial use, and more, but for a long time, we have had various customers asking us to produce very thick anti slip materials for their application requirements, but achieving this has always created many production obstacles.

In early 2015, we made the decision to produce very thick anti slip tape measuring 2mm in depth! This has involved us modifying the necessary production machinery to be able to handle the additional thickness this material has, investing in a new range of crush cut blade holders to ensure we can create our thick Safety Grip products to the same level of consistent quality as with our current range of anti slip tapes.

As of July 2015, we are producing 2mm thick grip tape in one grit grade, which sits somewhere between standard and coarse, and is available in one colour, black.

Our new, 2mm thick grip tape, actually made a little thicker due to the adhesive substance applied on the base, now has many uses, particularly application into recesses to not only remove trip hazards, but increase the non slip properties of walkways or steps.

It is used as a thicker material, mainly for recesses, i.e. to stand proud above the surrounding metal or stone, if you think of our normal material a recess of less than 0.8mm in depth is hard to achieve and unusual, a recess of 1.8mm or even 2mm is easy and very common. H3404 very thick Safety Grip will stand proud.

Some people generally prefer thicker materials, boats often use 2mm product, it is a historical and also with floors constructed from plate steel, the thickness provides cushioning.


We can supply it in cut pieces or rolls from 20mm to 1170mm in width and 18.3m in length. Regardless thick grip tape is available at a very competitive price.

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