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The WorkGate® is a robust mini barrier designed with contractors in mind. Supplied as 3 or 4 gate versions offering a very versatile solution to many environments and requirements.

Reflective Panel

Fully reflective panel meeting EN12899-1 requirements.

Flexible Linking

Black adjoining clips give flexible multi positioning configurations.


Convenient handles with moulded finger grips make the WorkGate® especially easy to manoeuvre.

Contractor Branding

Large area to allow contractor details to be applied in decal form.


Optional anti-trip feet create a more stable WorkGate® for linear usage.


The WorkGate® can be linked to for a square, a triangle or in a single line making it practical for most uses and environments.


Contains no metal parts, making it ideal for working in electrical environments and easy to recycle.

Temporary Signage

Locating holes enable courtesy orpedestrian signs to be fitted.

Workgate® 4 Gate with Reflectives

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